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provides optimal psychotherapeutic services for individuals, couples and families. We strive to provide proven techniques and methods as well as the leading edge psychophysiology technologies to support the best outcomes for our clients. We work with clients to help them find skills, recovery and balance with mood disorders like depression and anxiety.  We use QEEG and EEG to quantify and train the brain to function at a new and optimal homeostasis.



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Phone 1:   (970) 380-2527
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FAX:   (775) 218-3241
E-MAIL CLINIC:   info@fosclinic.com
Steve Willson, LPC   steve@fosclinic.com
Breton Willson, MS   breton@fosclinic.com

Services FOS Provides...

  Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Couples/ Marital & Family counseling
  EEG Biofeedback Treatment (Neurotherapy)
  Quantitative EEG (QEEG) - Brain Mapping
  Approved Domestic Violence Treatment Program

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